Prof. Hemedi Mkuzi Saha, 
, School of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness

Dean's Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to the School of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness (SASA).
Our mission is to contribute towards improved food security and livelihoods in the country through training, research and extension. The School aims to achieve this mission by producing graduates with adequate knowledge, skills and competence, to match national, regional and global challenges. Our students are admitted from all over the country and regions; they therefore, bring diversity that enriches agricultural knowledge and practices. For instance, there are those who know pyrethrum only in pictures while, others it is their livelihood and vice versa with tea, coffee, cashew and coconut.

For livestock the picture is equally the same as students hail from varied production systems. The School is gender sensitive and therefore it is in the forefront with adherence of gender equality, equity and mainstreaming in its curriculum and activities inside and outside the classrooms. In response to the Kenya Vision 2030 and Pwani University’s vision and mission as elaborated in the strategic plan, the School aims at developing cutting edge technologies and transferring skills and knowledge to the wider public and private sector. Its programmes are unique, market driven such that, they are tailored to suit specific needs of the client and the region. To oversee the programmes the School is blessed with a team of energetic, qualified, experienced and highly motivated faculty, who are hosted in the Departments of Crop Sciences and Animal Sciences.

To match the faculty the departments are equally endowed with facilities, equipment and resources to match any challenge. Also the School is known for academic tours and plans are under way to enhance students and staff exchange programmes. The school collaborates with community and industry at local, national, regional and international levels in carrying out research, sharing knowledge and dissemination of research outputs. The research targets the areas of animal and crop production and agribusiness. The goal is to improve agricultural production in the coastal regions of Kenya as well as the other areas of the country through introduction of sustainable opportunities and interventions, training and dissemination. Plans are also underway to establish a state of the art farm aimed at conducting cutting edge research that will transform Pwani University Farm into a centre of excellence in feed formulation, supply of improved sweet potato cultivars and breeding stock for cattle and rabbits. To crown it our former students are very marketable and are employed by leading farms and agricultural related companies across the country.

Faculty and Departments

The departments are equally endowed with facilities, equipment and resources to match any challenge.

Programmes and Courses

The School has Diploma, Bachelors, Master and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate and postgraduate programs. Read More...

General Information

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