Dean: Prof. Samuel M. Mwakubo

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The school of Business and Economics was established in January 2017. The School is committed to research and teaching in hospitality, tourism, business, and economics courses. Combining business, economics, technical and the social sciences, the aim of the School of Business and Economics is to connect different research methods, traditions and focuses in order to strengthen teaching and research. The School’s teaching is integrated with its research. It aims to enable students to develop into critical, responsible individuals who can apply the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in a responsible and independent manner for the greater good of the economy and of society. This key goal is reflected in the content and design of our Certificate’s, Diploma’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral and professional development program. We work closely with the public and the private sector.

We are constantly improving thequality of our teachingand the employability of our graduates. We strive to ensure that our excellent research and teaching remains competitive. The School boasts of quality, market driven and very innovative programmes administered in Pwani University main campus and its learning center in Mombasa.



The school consists of two departments: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM), and Department of Business Management and Economics (DBME). Lectures take place at the Main Campus (Kilifi) and Mombasa Learning Centre.

[1] Department of Business Management and Economics (BME)

The programmes offered in this department are:

  1. Diploma in Business Management
  2. Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  4. Master in Business Administration

[2] Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM)

The programmes offered in this department are:

  1. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
  2. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  3. Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  4. Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Academic Staff Profiles

Prof. Samwel M. Mwakubo

Professor, DeanCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Fikirini Lugogo MangaleLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Samuel Mwachiro MwawasiLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Ronald KoechLecturer (CoD)Curriculum Vitae
Amon Bongo JembeAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Scaver Nyambu  MwakacholaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Ibrahim Ali AbdullahLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Conlet Wafula KikechiAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr. Flaura Kidere JumaLecturer (Exam Coordinator)Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Jerita J. MwambiLecturerCurriculum Vitae
Johnson Onyiego NyambuAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Marcella Riwo AbudhoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Fredrick OtienoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Dr.Josephine MiyongaAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae

Academic Staff Profiles

Dr.Anthony Wekesa PepelaCOD, LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Rabia Nassir DzengoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Felix OnyangoAssistant LecturerCurriculum vitae
Samson BarmasaiAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae
Alice OdundoAssistant LecturerCurriculum Vitae